You got questions, we got the answers.

Who can apply ?

We most often work with internet and mobile product companies. We look for small, young and passionate teams people who have the capability to turn their dreams into brilliant products with a mass reach. We do have an affinity for social media, utility products, content, and healthcare spaces, but we’re pretty much sector agnostic.

What stage do I have to be at ?

We enter after you have built your MVP and have got some traction/validation of your product.

Nonetheless, if you’re at a stage earlier than that, our EIR programme will make much more sense to you. Or in case you’re much ahead in your timeline, and are only looking for smart-money, you could take a look at our investment programme here.

Do I have to be technical to apply?

We have a strong preference for technical co-founders. While this is not a mandatory criteria, but companies with at least one technical co-founder are better able to navigate through the technical challenges that come in abundance.

How much of growth funds will you invest?

This boost is to cover your day to day expenses and to help accelerate growth marketing efforts. So the cheque sizes differ. We can invest upto USD 500K from our own fund. We also regularly share out deal pipeline with our network of investors, so you have the opportunity of raising much more.

We’ve already taken some funding, can we still apply ?

Absolutely yes, in fact many startups come to us for the mentorship and growth trajectories we push companies onto, rather than money. However, we’d like to put in some money as well, as part of the program to maintain the uniformity.

How do I know you won't steal my idea? Will you sign an NDA?

We respect your intellectual property right over your idea and your right to build a business on it. That said, signing an NDA at an idea stage is neither practical nor required. Nor is it a practice anywhere in the world.

However, we can help you protect your ownership of the idea, by connecting you with the smartest copyright lawyers and experts in our network.

Still got more ? Feel free to drop in your queries at team@appyhigh.com

You got questions, we got the answers.

Who can apply ?

If you are an indie developer who built a great app but struggling to get the downloads or You already have an app an app store or play store but not getting enough traction can apply for this program to take the app to the next level

Do I need to have an app to apply for this program?

Yes absolutely!

Why should I publish with you?

You can self publish yourself also but publishing with us gives great benefits. We have developed more than 30+ apps and garnered close to 45Mn+ downloads having taken the product from idea to multi million user base we believe we will make great sherpas for your products to go massive

Who owns the developer account?

Having great apps in one account has its own advantage hence we own the developer account to publish your app/game. If you have it already published in your account you can request for a transfer to our account.

Can I republish the App/Game?

If you have published in your account you can initiate the transfer into our account. Please don’t pitch apps or games which are blocked by Google/Apple or bought from an app marketplace or a reskinned version of a popular app.