The backstory

This was back in 2014. Venus Dhuria and Aneesh Rayancha started Rutogo, an intercity cab booking platform for aggregating local cab operators under a single platform, giving them a technological edge to optimize inventory and the ability to cater to a wider audience through our community.

Getting the technology done is a big hurdle for non-tech founders like us. After much ado we put together a team aligned with our vision, to get an MVP out. We launched the product the following year, only to see a phenomenal growth. We quickly scaled the business and within a quarter, we were catering to the entire North India through our app.

We later made a successful exit, having got acquired by Ixigo, a travel search marketplace. We found synergies in our visions coupled with the opportunity to reach a much larger audience given Ixigo’s colossal community of travellers.

The story

Well, that sound does like a happy ending, but we wouldn’t stop. We started building everyday products, for everyone. We would start lean, build the MVP, test it and finally scale. We’ve launched over 30 products at AppyHigh, across mobile and web in the last 3 years and garnered 50 million+ users (and counting). These products span from utility, shopping, social, entertainment, content and more.

We envision to create and invest in technology that engages, informs and empowers people to do more in their everyday lives. Building and nurturing a community of entrepreneurs, startups and growth hackers to build great products through our investments and partnerships, is equally important for us.

We help startups and developers alike, at every stage through ideation, design, strategy, marketing and accelerate their growth by leveraging the massive user base we have garnered with our in-house products. Having made the journey from ideas to mass adoption, more than a dozen times by now, we believe we'll make great sherpas for your products to go massive.

If you have an amazing startup and are looking for capital or want to publish your app with us to grow massively or wish to spearhead any of our portfolio products, we’d love to have a cup of coffee with you!

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